Venue Rules (Both Lakes)

These rules need to be always abided by to ensure the safety of my big carp.

Anyone breaking the rules below will be asked to leave the lakes.


Our fish at Yateley, originally date back 35/40 plus years. These precious fish cannot be replaced.

These rules are set in stone for the safety of the fish and the anglers, and it is imperative they are taken seriously and followed.



On arrival at the lakes (between at 09:30 am) please meet in the allocated car park.

Please be aware we do have a height barrier of 6ft 10 inches so bare this in mind before travelling.


  • You will require a carp porter or barrows onsite if needed.

  • Rods permitted.

  • 15 anglers- a maximum of 2 rods.

  • 10 anglers or bellow will be permitted 3 rods.

If you are caught with 4 rods unfortunately you will be banned from further use of the lakes.


Rig checks will be carried out, making sure they are being used correctly and set up accordingly to maintain the safety of the fish.

Your fishing equipment is always YOUR responsibility, the lake will not take any responsibility for your valuables, this also applies when in the swim, please do not leave any rods unattended, always bring them in. Do not get caught of your rods!



  • Net dip must be used on arrival and please arrive with dry equipment

  • All rod licenses are required to be valid and up to date.

  • All fish will need to remain in the swim that they are caught from, including photographs.

  • Rig and bait checks will be carried out to ensure correct usage.

  • NO Zigs – you will be Banned.

  • Drones are not to be used without permission.

  • Braided mainline can be used in a minimum breaking strain of 15lb.

  • Strictly no fishing in the two small lakes on the island.

  • AGE 18 and over to fish alone, minimum age 16 but must be accompanied by an adult.

  • NO SACKING FISH, any retaining nets use a maximum of 30 minutes not to be used in summer months or overnight (Bailiff’s discretion).

  • Fish from your own swim, no rods allowed in other swims.

  • No maggots including casters or nuts.

  • No shelf life boilies.

  • No swimming.

  • NO LITTER – bins are supplied in the allocated toilets, DO NOT use the car park/public bins.

  • Fish from pegs only.

  • Large unhooking mats required- MUST be well padded for safety, up to date and 42”.

  • Carp care kits must be used on all hook holds and open wounds.

  • Barbed hooks only to be used.

  • No double hook rigs.

  • Please respect other anglers’ water, if in doubt ask! (FISHING ETIQUETTE)

  • Respect the halfway rule when casting out.

  • All hook baits to be removed or covered when rods are reeled in and left unattended to protect wildlife and dogs that may enter your swim.

  • Well behaved dogs welcome must be kept on a lead.

  • Use the toilets provided NOT the bushes anyone caught defecating anywhere, but the toilets WILL LOSE THEIR TICKET! Please be aware it is a public area.

  • No tree climbing.

  • Only fish from the designated swims 1-23, no stalking from un-designated area

  • All Carp caught must be weighed and photographed and sent to Paul Please

  • No bait boating through snags. Anyone caught misusing bait boats will be asked to leave with no refund

  • Your fishing rods cannot be left unattended at any time. Any fisherman caught away from their rods may be asked to leave the complex with no refund



If a fish is tethered, snagged up, looking poorly or dead please contact Paul Bloomfield 0770667466 or Chris 07778667709


All bookings are non-refundable and not transferable this will only be honoured when fish are spawning, and the lake will be closed any bookings interrupted by this will be re-booked to an alternate date.