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Venue Rules

‘Our fish at Yateley originally date back 40+ years. These precious fish cannot be replaced. These rules are to be abided by at all times, for the safety of the fish and the anglers. It is imperative that they are taken seriously and followed’.


On arrival at the lakes please park in the car park and use the net dip (must be used) Swims are accessible by barrow only.


General Rules:

  • Rig checks will be carried out randomly to ensure the safety of our fish.

  • A minimum of 42” Landing net

  • A suitable unhooking mat capable of holding fish to over 50lbs

  • No Cradles (concessions at Bailiff’s discretion)

  • A flotation retainer sling must be used to rest fish after capture for 5 minutes.

  • All fish to be unhooked in the landing net in the water.

  • No fish to be lifted from the water via landing net.  Use your retainer.

  • Never leave your rods unattended

  • All fish to remain in the swim they are caught from.

  • Carp care MUST be used and you may be asked to show you have it.

  • Drones must not be used without permission.

  • Minimum age 18 years.

  • No swimming

  • No Fires, small BBQ are allowed raised off the ground

  • NO litter.

  • No tree climbing

  • Well behaved Dogs are allowed

  • 7 Days Maximum in one Swim

  • No foul or abusive language will be tolerated

  • You are responsible for any visitors

  • Swims must be kept presentable and clean

  • Maximum time away from swim 1 hours (Day Ticket - Daylight hours only) 

  • Nothing to be rested ON or Against the fence surrounding your swim. 

  • Bailiff’s word is final

  • We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy on Drugs  (This includes MARIJUANA) You will be asked to leave.

Fishing Rules

  • 3 Rods maximum

  • Fish from designated swims only

  • Due to the snaggy nature of our lake, you must not leave your swim whilst rods are in the water, this includes popping to the next swim.

  • Respect swim boundaries (Bailiff’s word is final)

  • Strictly NO Zigs, including adjustable Zigs

  • Barbed hooks only.

  • No double hook rigs.

  • No long shank hooks or bent hooks

  • All rods left out of the water must be unbaited.

  • A minimum of 0.35 mainline (18lbs)

  • Braided mainline is allowed

  • Bait Boats are allowed

  • 45 mins Maximum time to retain a fish

  • All fish over 30lbs to be reported to the Bailiff before release.

Bait Rules

  • A maximum of 2.5kg of prepared particle per angler per 24 hours

  • No maggots

  • No casters

  • No worms

  • No Nuts

  • No plastic baits (artificial baits)

*Pegs are decided amongst yourselves, access to swims is not permitted until 11 am.  You may place a bucket in your swim from 10 am.  Please remember other anglers are already fishing, do not disturb them (keep noise to a minimum and remember your voice carries). Once you have decided on your swim, please do not sit in the peg until you have been welcomed by a Bailiff.  Should 2 people want the same peg, the person who arrived 1st takes priority. (Fishing etiquette)

If a fish is tethered, snagged up, looking poorly or dead please contact Paul Bloomfield 07770 667 466


All bookings are non-refundable and not transferable; this will only be honoured when fish are spawning, and the lake will be closed. Any bookings interrupted by this will be re-booked to an alternative date.

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