Venue Rules (Both Lakes)

  1. NO Stag Doo's, No Party's 

  2. AGE 18 and over to fish alone, minimum age 16 but must be accompanied by an adult

  3. NO SACKING FISH, any retaining nets use a maximum of 30 minutes not to be used in summer months or overnight (Bailiffs discretion).

  4. No nuts.

  5. No maggots.

  6. No swimming.

  7. NO LITTER - Take all litter home DO NOT use public bins.

  8. No fires.

  9. Fish from pegs only.

  10. Proper large unhooking mats only MUST be well padded for fish safety.

  11. Carp care kits must be used on all hook holds and open wounds.

  12. Barbed hooks only to be used.

  13. No double hook rigs.

  14. No bait boats on the venue you will loose your ticket with NO refund.

  15. The snags swim is CLOSED PERMANENTLY and can only be fished from peg 2 providing there is nobody fishing peg 1, this cannot be fished too from peg 1.

  16. Please respect other anglers water area, if in doubt ask! (FISHING ETIQUETTE)

  17. Respect the halfway rule when casting out.

  18. All hook baits to be removed or covered when rods are reeled in and left unattended to protect wildlife and dogs that may enter your swim.

  19. All anglers please refer to your swim diagrams for areas/ boundaries.

  20. Use the toilets provided NOT the bushes anyone caught defecating WILL LOSE THEIR TICKET! Please be aware it IS a public area.

  21. Strictly no fishing the two small lakes on the island.

  22. All permits are non-refundable and not transferable.

  23. Up to two Bailiff's can be fishing the water at one time apart from Exclusive Lake Bookings.

  24. When fish are spawning the lake will be closed and any bookings will be re-booked to an alternate date (normally late June).

  25. Match Lake is Exclusive bookings only 

  26. Main Lake exclusive bookings from NOV 1st 2021

  27. On the day of departure, you need to make sure that the swim is vacated by 11am and all rubbish and fishing debris is removed ready for the next angler.

  28. 2022 there will be a 10% price increase

  29. Swim number one will retained for owner and bailiff's to fish

  30. Braided mainline can be used in minium breaking strain of 15lb.